A Favorite Object/A Frustrating Experience

My backpack

I feel bad because I abuse my backpack. It must be 3-4 years old but don’t think I’ve ever washed it. I used it almost every day. I remember my original motivation was to stop using a bag where heavy things strain just one side of my body. Once my coworker told me it made me look like an eighth grader which made me stop using it for a while but I don’t care anymore because it’s still the best way to carry things around a city.

Cute af

My backpack is the perfect size for the things I regularly carry. My laptop, notebooks, and books are flat or square and can go securely in the stretchy inside-pocket. Smaller things can go in the small outside pocket. I usually have hair ties, burt’s bees, mascara, a cereal bar, and/or business cards in there. Everything else fits in the larger space: more books, a sweater, a pencil case, a flask, etc. I am a messy person but nothing gets lost. I think I could thrive and remain entertained for 2-3 days on its contents.

I can hold any strap while standing on the subway and it won’t touch the floor. This is great because I probably still wouldn’t wash it. The zippers are awesome. The color block is good for helping people understand I am not indie-goth despite my perpetually black outfits.

Torture-device turnstiles

I hate these subway turnstiles. They are scary to look at because they seem capable of squishing humans into 20 pieces. When I googled them I found out they are informally called “iron maiden” turnstiles, after the torture device, which makes sense to me.

People take forever entering and leaving them because if you swipe and walk at a normal speed you miss the inevitable indication to swipe again (why aren’t there audibly different sounds for a successful versus failed swipe?). There’s often a line getting on the N/R at NYU because of this. If you have a large bag or a long gait you are screwed. If you push incorrectly, you can easily lose your swipe (which apparently happens very often). At the Parkside Avenue Q station there is an exit with an iron maiden turnstile and an emergency exit. Everyone uses the emergency exit.

Getting on the G train inspires my ire

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