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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Responsive plant: sensors & movement

Initial interaction: distance sensors & motor So far the most complicated aspect of our project has been determining the mechanism to turn the plant! We’ve experimented a lot at the advice of our peers, Making Things Move, and Ben Light. First, we tested with a lazy susan, some gears, and a 360 servo motor. We figured […]

Final Project Production Plan

This week Swapna and I finalized our proposal, and developed the bill of materials, timeline, and system diagrams necessary to complete the project. Project Description Short: A coin-operated responsive plant that rotates to acknowledge human presence and a visualization of the CO2 in its environment, that plants do the work of converting to human-breathable oxygen, […]

Beyond Scarcity Hackathon

There were three main themes to the beyond scarcity hackathon: alternative narratives, making the invisible visible, and internalities (internalizing costs, to counter the economic concept of externalities). Swapna and I wanted to continue to explore the idea of human-plant mutualism, and teamed up with Viniyata, Andy, and Lola to create a project in a similar vein […]

Responsive plant: initial playtesting

For our final project Swapna and I are planning on doing a variation on my project proposal: A responsive plant that gathers and shows data about the physical environment, sensing things that are usually invisible. Specifically (for now) Co2 and EMF. We had a lot of questions about exactly how the interaction would work, which […]

Developing for cellular networks

I got to attend Amanda Ervin’s developing for cellular networks workshop at the Radical Networks Conference. We used the adafruit FONA cellular break out board and sent some initial texts! Working with the board requires using the FONA arduino library. It was a little tricky to get all the pinouts right, and the board communicates at […]

Responsive plant final project concept

For my final project I’d like to create an interaction where people interact with a plant in an unexpected way. One way I thought this could work was to have the plant turn to you as you spoke to it. Another idea that I thought could scaffold nicely with this one was a speech recognition […]