EcoExchange playtest #2

We spent today play-testing our projects with another class and received some valuable feedback! At this point we have the visualization Swapna created for her ICM final and have been saving data so we can make this connection clear, but we haven’t completed construction of the mechanism. The data collection is a huge part of the purpose of the project, though, so it was helpful to show others its present state!

  • Consider the ‘face’ of the plant
  • Could the visualization of noise be more clear?
  • Where do we see this installed?
  • Compare the real-time data to something. Is it happy? What do we learn about the state of the plant by seeing this?
  • Add an exploration element. What compels me to stay with the plant?
  • Could the donation prompt the data visualization? Show something further?
  • Should this feel like charity to the plant? Or should people interacting with it be getting something back?
  • It feels like a leap to the connection to global warming and carbon sequestration–how to make this more apparent?
  • Prompt people for more money?
  • (related to comparison comment) how could we tell what the state of the environment without this plant would be/it’s contribution? How could we see the contribution of this plant specifically?
  • What is the CO2 concentration when there are no people?
  • Way to show the relationship between photosynthesis and the light/moisture around the plant?

EcoExchange Responsive Plant

Our API is live!!!

It updates every minute. We are getting good overnight voltage data for our CO2 sensor which will help us get *real* ppm values, which are currently based on a zero-point voltage and drop voltage that is clearly under-calculating co2 ppm values.

We haven’t gathered enough days of data to fully calibrate our sensor, but we’re very close! We also named our project, Swapna put together an awesome visualization, and we’ve worked on implementing the coin-operating aspect, which we’ll play-test in class. Our as-of-yet sparsely commented code is on github.

Updated production plan including this week’s progress (/ indicates in progress; x indicates complete):

Dates Tasks Complete?
11/16/2016-11/22/2015 Adafruit order (motor, sensors) x
Experiment with sensors (infrared, CO2) x
Buy & weigh plant /
Sensor data to node.js x
Node.js to p5 x
Buy motor with right amount of torque /
Plan construction of plant holder x
11/23/2016-11/29/2015 Make first interaction work: approach plant and it turns /
Create visualization in P5 based on what we learn about sensor output /
Write Node.js code to read sensor data & set up database x
11/30/2016-12/6/2015 Connect sensors to node to p5 /
Build coin box (scrap wood and copper tape) /
12/7/2016-12/13/2015 Make second interaction work: add reaction for coin drop /
Build stand alone website
12/14/2016 Project Due!