NYC Recycling Diversion Rate in 2015

Data Sources:

NYC Community Districts and Joint Interest Areas geographies are from Joint Interest areas, (JIAs) are "public parks, waterways, major governmental installations and similar land uses which are not located within bounding community districts. Examples are Central Park, Van Cortlandt Park", and airports. These areas did not have DSNY collection data.

State geographies are from @johan's world.geo.json github page.

Collection and Disposal Network data are from the NYC Department of Sanitation, released through NYC Open Data, as of the February 2016 update. Tonnage Collection data were aggregated from the district-month level to the district-level for 2015.

Landfill/disposal locations were based on a list from and verfied through Google. Based on these searches, I found that the geolocated addresses of landfills were actually sometimes the disposal company’s office rather than the landfill itself. I included these for now anyway, since I think they are still demonstrative of the distance NYC trash is transported.