Coursework, notes, and progress while attending NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Monthly Archives: October 2016

Midterm: paper towel gifs

For our midterm, Rushali had the great idea of sensing toilet paper use wirelessly and keeping track of it. After making a list of potential sensors that could detect movement and looking at the hardware in the bathroom, we realized that it would be hard to detect the kind toilet paper use we were interested in […]

Valparaiso Chile logo

I chose to make a logo for my favorite city in the world: Valparaiso, Chile. My mom is Chilean and my grandmother lived nearby for many years, so I’ve visited several times. It’s a port city that thrived before the Panama Canal was built, and has struggled economically since. It’s distinctiveness comes from being built over […]

Serial: p5 vs node

This week we experimented with passing serial from sensors through different programs, and using serial to control things on the web or in real life! Troubleshooting I initially couldn’t get p5 to list the available ports and couldn’t figure out why since I copied the code from the lab. I went back to the code […]

Business Cards

This week we learned about composition, and were tasked with creating a design for a personal business card. I do data analysis full-time, but I’ve been moving toward data visualization at ITP. I knew from our typography exercise that I wanted to use Raleway for the font. As an initial step, I printed out my name and […]

Analog Out labs

This week we worked with analog out, using it to control a servo motor and a small speaker. To create sound, we used the tone function and the pitches library. I used a photocell as my variable resistor for servo motor control, but I also tried building my own FSR with velostat. I got normal […]

Coffee/Beer/Carbs/Please don’t judge me

Color Hue Test   Color palette of food/drink before and during ingestion For the color palette of my life I chose to photograph everything I ate and drank for about 75 hours. I chose food and drink partially because I was concerned that this would end up being a project about my office environment, but […]