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Valparaiso Chile logo

I chose to make a logo for my favorite city in the world: Valparaiso, Chile. My mom is Chilean and my grandmother lived nearby for many years, so I’ve visited several times. It’s a port city that thrived before the Panama Canal was built, and has struggled economically since. It’s distinctiveness comes from being built over […]

Business Cards

This week we learned about composition, and were tasked with creating a design for a personal business card. I do data analysis full-time, but I’ve been moving toward data visualization at ITP. I knew from our typography exercise that I wanted to use Raleway for the font. As an initial step, I printed out my name and […]

Coffee/Beer/Carbs/Please don’t judge me

Color Hue Test   Color palette of food/drink before and during ingestion For the color palette of my life I chose to photograph everything I ate and drank for about 75 hours. I chose food and drink partially because I was concerned that this would end up being a project about my office environment, but […]

Typography & word as image

This week was a challenge since I started out knowing nothing about typography or illustrator, but I considered it a cool opportunity to analyze fonts I like and have used in the past without thinking about why, and a good chance to practice very useful software. I’ve had to choose fonts for web projects, so […]

Visual Analysis: Movie Poster

I was looking through old movie posters when I saw this one for Harold and Maude that I hadn’t seen before. I found a different version that also included the sunflower motorcycle in English, but from what I could tell this one and its variations were used for a European audience. The blocks of text make the poster seem […]