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A History of NYC Recycling & Labor

Link to timeline. Conflict I want to figure out what the forces are driving both the independent collectors of recyclables and those pushing for greater enforcement of rules around theft, because I think it will shed light on larger questions around recycling streams in dense urban areas and waste management policy. Stakeholders The Department of […]

NYC Garbage Distribution and Disposal

Link to map. Data Sources I used this GeoJSON of NYC Community Districts and Joint Interest Areas from I did not include “Joint Interest Areas, a/k/a JIAs, are public parks, waterways, major governmental installations and similar land uses which are not located within bounding community districts. Examples are Central Park, Van Cortlandt Park, LaGuardia and JFK […]

Mapping political representation

Link to map. The democratic primary seems to have sparked a debate about who, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, is the more feminist candidate. Given the focus on the presidential election, I thought it apt to point out the dearth of women in political positions across the board. The percent of women in the national as […]

Maps: Troubleshooting

For this week’s assignment I added a layer of US State data to a Stamen base map and after a lot of compromising, simply added markers for landmarks I associate with voting and politics near my parent’s house. Even as I simplified my map goal, I kept running into issues. At 3am, maki markers don’t […]