Coursework, notes, and progress while attending NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Monthly Archives: April 2017


I began with the question of whether you could create ads for intermediary steps in the supply chains for the many products and devices that use rare earth elements. Supply chains are incredible opaque, and the need for them is driven by demand in the final products. My experience with efforts to clarify them in a way […]

Growing algae in diluted urine & Final project

Our Spirulina has really proliferated which presents a new problem: how to harvest it? So I’ve been figuring out how much and how best to extract the biomass. Chlorella seems much more difficult to harvest. I continued to research microalgae growth with urine (citations updated) and fertilized a batch of algae with urine. Spirulina grows in […]

Microvideo & project progress

Microcinema I’ve been experimenting with creating a microscope that allows me to easily take video. The nice thing about using a piCam is I know it’s easily programmable. Although for my purposes the same functionality might be available for a cheap usb webcam. I’ve been researching tools others have used to do similar things, and found […]

Two proposals

I’m hoping to get some direction in class on two ideas, since I have unwisely spent time becoming invested in both. Idea #1 What if we tried selling all points of a supply chain as much as the end product? Uncover as much specific information for the supply chains of as many rare earths, or heavy […]

markov budget

My poems for this week juxtapose the language of Trump’s 2018 Federal Budget with the Sequoia National Park text I’ve been using. Because the federal budget is not a text I enjoy engaging with and we learned natural language processing tools, I thought it might be interesting to use these new tools to decipher it. I found […]

Final project progress update

Revisiting micro green composites Something unexpected this week was realizing my micro greens are dying. I was thinking a lot about apoptosis, and how death is necessary for a healthy ecosystem, to allow other living things to thrive. I recreated some of the composites I made when my micro greens were growing now that they are […]