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User Testing

This week I tested my paper prototype of my counter application, which I did iterate once based on one person’s feedback. I realized as I tested that I probably should have made empty screens, since the pre-populated ones that showed functionality seemed to confuse people. I asked three of my coworkers and my parents to […]

Mobile Counting

I created a mobile application version of my desktop counter. I created an initial version and tested with my co-worker. I envisioned a home screen that would include everything you are counting and icons that indicated accomplishment as well as status bars. Then you could enter each item to increment in the direction that you chose, […]

Desktop Counting

This week’s assignment was to create a device that can sit on a desktop and account for single increments of change, counting either up or down. Our clients are people with desk jobs, who want a physical reminder of their progress. Having a full-time desk job, I am fully cognizant of the despair of an […]

A Favorite Object/A Frustrating Experience

My backpack I feel bad because I abuse my backpack. It must be 3-4 years old but don’t think I’ve ever washed it. I used it almost every day. I remember my original motivation was to stop using a bag where heavy things strain just one side of my body. Once my coworker told me it […]