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Video for New Media

The Ancients

For my final project I wanted to explore the relationship between magic, mythology, & ritual and scientific & technological advancement.¬†My final piece was something of a museum exhibit but from the perspective of a new species of human evolved from homo sapiens that migrated from earth after its destruction. I hoped to raise questions about […]

360 photos and aframe.js

At some point I’d like to play with compositing, and I recently saw some great examples using the aframe javascript library. To try it out, I put some sample images taken with the Ricoh Theta online. It took me a while to realize this, even with the javascript console yelling at me that the images […]

Projection mapping: Popcorn & Vomit

Having never projected any video, let alone on a bright New York City street, I took special note of the fact that in class the video that looked best projected was very bright and high contrast. But feeling uninspired by the light, animation, architectural illusions, and EDM that seem to largely accompany the medium, I […]

Barren Island History VR documentary

Fascinated by the community that inhabited Barren Island when it was the main dumping ground for New York City’s garbage, I decided to experiment with VR and the Ricoh Theta at Dead Horse Bay, where refuse from the era still washes up on the beach. While many people have heard of Dead Horse Bay, I […]

Video portrait

Tasked¬†with creating a video portrait of a stranger using only still photos, my personal goal was to learn how to take photos with a 5D camera. My focus was on the experience of a protester. The timing of the assignment coincided with a new wave of Black Lives Matters protests across the country in response […]