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Introduction to Computational Media

F3EA: Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze

My final project, F3EA: Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze is online here. And my source code is available here. An introduction page gives a recent history and some background to the project. Viewers can click anywhere to continue to the main page, an animation of how information flows from drones used for surveillance, signals intelligence, […]

Final Project: Prototype

After a week at looking at maps made with D3.js and watching Lynda videos on D3 and HTML, my prototype for my final project is done entirely in P5.js. I realized my inexperience with HTML and CSS meant getting past the learning curve would take longer than a week. But, I think I will be […]

A Visualization of the Drone Strike Target Process

Final Project Proposal: A Visualization of the Drone Strike Target Process Either a map or globe will be displayed, with a line or crosshair that follows the flow of information from intelligence gathering in countries where the U.S. wages covert war, to facilities in the U.S. used for surveillance, to decision making in Washington that lead to […]

Amplify Face

My sketch for this week! This week we did the sound and video unit and learned about how capturing video and making pictures and tracking faces–all of which would have been helpful a few weeks ago, when I wrote my PhotoCube sketch. I thought this week would be a good time to build on that project […]

Drone Strike Deaths

Every time I open this project I can’t help but work on the next component, but for the purposes of this week’s assignment, a preliminary version is here. The Intercept recently published a series of articles based on leaked documents obtained detailing U.S. government [attempted] assassinations of targets in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Already intrigued by […]


This week we learned about p5.dom and how to create things beyond the canvas. I tried creating a sketch where you could take a photo of yourself and then see it on the side of a rotating cube, but this proved very challenging. I modified this idea a bit, and hope people will be amused […]

My friend’s twitter poetry animated

I drew inspiration from these flash animated poems and my friend’s twitter poetry to create a page where you can cycle through three animated poems. These don’t quite work right yet for a number of reasons. The code is basically three constructor functions with a button, and using the mousePressed function to switch between calls to a write […]

Always-lose game update

For this week’s assignment, we were taking old code and cleaning it up with functions and/or javascript objects, as appropriate. I found I was still using a lot of redundant code when creating and animating the falling ellipses, “food,” and solicited Lauren’s help to learn how to use for loops and arrays for this kind […]


This week we learned about for loops and using mouse clicks to create buttons. I worked on a project with Annie Goodfriend (her blog is here) to incorporate these two elements. The cool thing about for loops is they allow you to create an iterative design. Buttons and sliders (we didn’t incorporate a slider) allow […]

A game to elicit frustration

The rules for this assignment were just to have one element controlled by the mouse, one element that changes over time, independently of the mouse, and one element that is different every time you run the sketch. I was excited to work with arcs after learning how they worked in the last class, and played […]