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Physical Computing

Analog Out labs

This week we worked with analog out, using it to control a servo motor and a small speaker. To create sound, we used the tone function and the pitches library. I used a photocell as my variable resistor for servo motor control, but I also tried building my own FSR with velostat. I got normal […]

Interaction Observations

Gym equipment I hate cardio equipment but I have been exposed to it enough to have some assumptions about how it’s used. I thought their use would be interesting to observe because while I have a friend who literally train for marathons on treadmills and just watches TV, I’d never do either of these things even […]

Digital In/Out & Analog In labs

This week we learned to read input from switches, variable resistors, or sensors connected to the digital and analog inputs on arduino and how to send digital signal out to control actuators. The first thing I did was build a circuit with a button and a pull down resistor to read digital (on/off) input from the […]

Electronics Labs

For this week’s electronics lab we worked on learning to use a breadboard, building simple circuits, and providing power to our circuit with an arduino or power supply. I worked with LEDs in series and in parallel, resistors, switches including a soft button I built with conductive fabric, and a motor. I practiced measuring voltage, […]

Physical Interaction

What is physical interaction?   A physical interaction is an exchange between a person and and object, or machine, where both are intelligently responding to what is being expressed. A good physical interaction is one where the person can tell, or figure out, how to communicate to the object or machine based on design or […]