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Mapping political representation

Link to map.

The democratic primary seems to have sparked a debate about who, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, is the more feminist candidate. Given the focus on the presidential election, I thought it apt to point out the dearth of women in political positions across the board. The percent of women in the national as well as state legislators hovers around 19-20% on average, which is a pretty abysmal proportion for a demographic that constitutes roughly half of the population.

These percentages represent the percent of women in state legislators (single or lower houses as well as state senates) as of December 2015 according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

I plan on making improvements:

  • Embed the source, which I was having trouble getting out of hiding from behind my map. I’m not sure if z-index is the answer?
  • I tried running Mimi’s CSV values to JSON code to add more statistics, but I couldn’t get the formatting of my csv right, I think. I’ll have to figure this out.
  • Once I have that down I’d like to compare the US to other countries, too.

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