Coursework, notes, and progress while attending NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Final Project Production Plan

This week Swapna and I finalized our proposal, and developed the bill of materials, timeline, and system diagrams necessary to complete the project.

Project Description

Short: A coin-operated responsive plant that rotates to acknowledge human presence and a visualization of the CO2 in its environment, that plants do the work of converting to human-breathable oxygen, a service people have the option to pay for.

Long: Our project is meant, in part, to prompt people to think about the work that plants do regulating our environment and making it habitable, and what it means to put monetary value to this in a capitalist society. It is also an exchange with a non-human, generally immobile, but living being, that involves you communicating with it via your breath and physical presence while it communicates through respiration and the representation of data. We want to bring forth the way you are each affecting the surrounding environment and sensing each others presence in difference ways.

System Diagram

Project Timeline

Dates Tasks
11/16/2016-11/22/2015 Adafruit order (motor, sensors)
Experiment with sensors (infrared, CO2)
Buy & weigh plant
Sensor data to node.js
Node.js to p5
Buy motor with right amount of torque
Plan construction of plant holder
11/23/2016-11/29/2015 Make first interaction work: approach plant and it turns
Create visualization in P5 based on what we learn about sensor output
Write Node.js code to read sensor data & set up database
11/30/2016-12/6/2015 Connect sensors to node to p5
Build coin box (scrap wood and copper tape)
12/7/2016-12/13/2015 Make second interaction work: add reaction for coin drop
12/14/2016 Project Due!

Bill of Materials

Item Quantity Amount ($) Link to purchase
Plant 1 $20.00
Pot/Plant holder 1 $10.00
125oz/in Stepper Motor 1 $23.95
IR distance sensor (10-80cm) 3 $44.85
MG811 CO2 sensor 1 $34.95
Gas sensor breakout board 1 $0.95
Adafruit Feather HUZZAH w/ ESP8266 WiFi 1 $15.95
Arduino Uno 1 $24.95
Total $175.60
Photocells 2 1.90
Moisture sensor 1 $4.95
Microphone (tiny) 1 $0.95
Microphone (w/breakout) 1 $5.95

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