Coursework, notes, and progress while attending NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Midterm ideas


I want to use information from the political party time API to create a web or physical experience with information about legislators’ campaign fundraisers. One idea for a physical result would be to create a glitter snow globe based on how many fundraising events a state or legislator has in a particular day or week. I like this because it evokes the dance parties held as protests by queer activists in front of Mike Pence’s house.

Another twist on this idea is to trigger this based on venmo donations (to somewhere like The Center for Responsive Politics, which promotes government transparency). I like this because the transparency of our transactions on the app contrast the transparency of money in politics.

Something like this

Discrete aspects of the project of which I could do a portion:

Oops this is too many things to do in 5 days

venmo api

I found the term webhook in the venmo api documentation. I didn’t know what this was but it seems like this would allow real-time updates from a venmo account to trigger something happening on my server. I found some documentation to set this up using node and express and added a webhook to my venmo account that points here. The webhook was validated according to venmo but I can’t tell if it’s working correctly–I couldn’t get anything to log.

What exists?
  • Projects using Open Secrets/Center for Responsive politics data.
  • A number of organizations that maintain APIs.

A number of tutorials on how to control Raspberry Pi GPIO:

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