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AIM Park updates

This week we refactored our code–I updated¬†my Sequoia Park AIM poems from last week.

I didn’t get to correct a number of things I intended to–modularizing took longer than expected. There’s something weird going on where I’m getting a lot of the same rhymes line after line. After some trials I thought I had successfully taken out all of the punctuation I intended to, but I’m still getting some. Maybe it’s because this punctuation is part of a word? I also had trouble trying to figure out how to re-write code that used if/elif/else syntax–I want to put it in a loop. I also started to write a function to create sequential times but to get the sequential numbers and then turn everything into text where single numbers had a zero in front, in addition to continually checking to see that the numbers were in fact moving forward in time seemed excessive. There must be some kind of time function that I haven’t found yet that could do this more easily.

My favorite aspect is still the screen names. It’s funny working with this older text because every once in a while years show up, which reminds me of how people used to use their birthday in screen names, but the years are like, 1890.

Here in another example are some screen names where $ are still showing up:

One nice thing is since I now have all these functions, I can play with other combinations of the code, so I experimented with making these little chats, where really I just focused on screen names:

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