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Amplify Face

My sketch for this week!

This week we did the sound and video unit and learned about how capturing video and making pictures and tracking faces–all of which would have been helpful a few weeks ago, when I wrote my PhotoCube sketch. I thought this week would be a good time to build on that project to make something better. I simplified it but also added several elements. Also it turns out WEBGL doesn’t play nicely with 2D so I just scrapped the idea of a spinning cube for now.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.28.07 PM

Spinning face after abandoning the cube

I liked the idea of drawing or adding foreign elements to a photo a lot and came across Check Me Out “an infinite sensory overload of selfies from Instagram.” Inspired by the idea of infinite selfies, I thought of making a photobooth where each each photo you took was added to the canvas… it seems like you should be able to push new images onto the array and then display them, but I also wanted things to be spinning around so I think both those things would have to happen in draw? I kept getting errors, and decided to just do spinning things with one image at a time, that you could keep taking.


I also really liked this face substitution stuff like what we played with in class. I started messing with the CLM tracker that calculated feelings based on facial expressions, but the code was really dense, so I got as far as manipulating the numbers on the screen, but not to actually adding drawn elements. My original idea for this week was actually to make stuff come out of people’s mouths and eyes when they make certain expression. Maybe it’s better to save that idea.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.06.00 AM


The other idea I had was to make the size of the images dependent on how loud you are using p5.audioIn and p5.Aplitude. I wanted to do something with sound because for some reason I don’t care about sound at all, and I thought I should make myself experiment otherwise I might never do it. At one of Moon’s workshops we worked with creating an ellipse on the screen based on sound, so I was really using that as inspiration. The louder you are, the larger your photo gets (although I kept a slider where you have control over the minimum size value).



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