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Magic mushroom dictionaries

I decided to continue working with the same texts from last week because I was dissatisfied with their ultimate form. I thought it might be interesting to pick out words based on their length, which would allow me a lot of control over the line length and rhythm. My very ambitious goal was to create a dictionary of magic cards by scraping the Magic the Gathering card database site using cards “multiverseid” as the input argument. Working with the beautifulsoup library became enough of a headache that I decided to put this off for later–especially since we’ll be working more with getting text off the web this week and class. I also then discovered MTG has an API.

At first I created my dictionaries so that the word was the key and the length of the word was the value, but after struggling to pull out keys based off of values, I realized it would be much easier if my dictionary was flipped, so that word length was the key. Figuring this out made the process much easier. I sort of lost track of the structure of my text when I was putting it back together, but I enjoyed the unintentional output.

Happy mistakes

order. the said classes the placed spell. one when juicier top slowly flying pay made cooking Tap little cards. him with pressed may gravy, Return the from pasture all dipped cards. way half covered You bacon, played You more drying. the spiced itself for will minutes all crumbs player him when pepper, you scales cards. the with covered any sound,

r e v e a l t h e t h e n f l a n n e l t h e a d d i n g
d a m a g e A d d b e s t t h r o u g h A d d t a s t e .
t a r g e t p u t w h e n l e a v i n g d o , p l a c e .
t a r g e t t o p B a k e f i f t e e n t h e b e f o r e
t a r g e t t w o p i n t s p i c i n g Y o u R e m o v e
G r e e n , t h e W h e n f i l l i n g a l l f r i e d .
c a r d s . a n y w i t h g l a s s e s a n d B e f o r e
d a m a g e h i s d i s h p i e c e s , a l l l a y e r s
l o o k e d A d d s o m e s t e w p a n w a y p e p p e r
n u m b e r y o u s o u p p r o c e s s m a y s l o w l y

Return Add make stalks, for rolled
itself two Chop vinegar its minced
enters the fire flannel Add pepper
grave. any with pudding may washed
itself the salt portion are rolled
Search set some butter, you water.
Simoon any half garlic; the butter
itself his with vinegar may slowly
player any into people, you onions
itself and into stewpan the using,

Final Poems

While testing my results and sorting out the issues I had with my words and arrays, I became concerned about the uniformity of the output poems. In order to vary the line structure and make them more interesting, I ended up employing different rules to different lines. Something I’ve lost by completely disregarding the structure of sentences is the sense of complete thoughts. I wonder if there’s a way to grammatical parts of speech to have more control over this?

My code is on github and below are a few variations:

filled you when Vinegar her number
add Search Vise spoils card, some
things her pan, people, you Badham
after mind parchment teaspoonful other Add
Reveal top thin stewpan the rains,
add Cursed moat little dies, Trim
player Add with parsley the stalks
dip player from Season life. half
target any over flannel its butter
serve Then parchment circulation cost. the

Draw of add grated to dried
the player. you onion. Mana salt,
five of the taste, 4. serve
layer, bomb, mushrooms teaspoonful gold. hand
mana in and unless am ounce
and evincar may Remove each heavy
Name to the 1893. of them,
hot Destroy way butter card salad
seen If The Agaric of dozen
rains, cards mushrooms immediately card. ring

your to the pepper of white
the upkeep, two mushrooms best olive
Tap: is and Lenten to dozen
muscat deals mushrooms teaspoonful exile Tap:
life of you layers to dish,
and Destroy the mushrooms Grim added
cast as the broken 3, Baked
put doesn’t do, perfectly your round
come of and batter of blade
slowly other thickness preparation cards seen

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