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Serial: p5 vs node

This week we experimented with passing serial from sensors through different programs, and using serial to control things on the web or in real life!


I initially couldn’t get p5 to list the available ports and couldn’t figure out why since I copied the code from the lab. I went back to the code from the synthesis examples to check, and these didn’t recognize my usb port either. I also tried switching to another usb port. Finally I figured out it was because the serial control program had been updated. Everything worked fine with p5 after I downloaded the new version!

It was a good opportunity to experiment with node, though I eventually got stuck when I went to interact with a webpage in the browser. I just used p5, but it would be nice to figure it out.

hating the p5 web editor

hating the p5 web editor


Using node

Serial events p5 versus node:




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